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The Rodfellows The Movie credits postroll

Original characters by

All credit of the characters goes to
Warner Bros.
Cartoon Network
King Rollo Films
DeviantArt/AGK Productions
Every time I visit DeviantArt for any moment, The Split ads come up...
Here's what I remember where I got the Efour Headline font from.

It's completely embedded into this SWF file.…
[Virus Infection!]

This computer has been infected by an unknown virus.
Neither Windows or Antivirus software was unable to heal the system.
You have three choices to do:

[Format Hard Disk]
[Delete Windows Folder]
[Delete All Contents of Disk]
The surprise for April Fools will come soon...
Requests have been laid off for now.
Web versions of Universal fonts available in the pack.
Happy Valentine's Day to everyone of my friends!

Plus, I updated the Universal Font Pack again with new lowercases in Universal Tertiary Bold.
14-9-7-8-20-13-1-18-5-19 1-18-5 1-2-15-21-20 20-15 2-5-3-15-13-5 1-12-9-22-5 1-7-1-9-14
I just accumulated 50 llamas! Thanks to the ones who gave me the llama.
My llama symbol has been upgraded to an Albino Llama.
I have finally found the somewhat embedded Universal Tertiary font here:…

But there aren't any accents or other symbols, just the ASCII and others.
Apparently, I couldn't stop looking for the real Universal Secondary Headline and Universal Tertiary fonts in every PDF or SWF.

All I get is Embedded Subset.
Universal Tertiary kinda reminds me of Adobe Clean or Gill Sans.

Now, I'm posting Universal stuff...
Universal Secondary Headline is the new Copperplate Gothic.
I'm guessing that the real Universal Secondary Headline font (not the Lyons copy) doesn't have most punctuation.
Universal 2017 font pack updated once again. 1/19/2017

The Universal Secondary Headline numbers updated.

Universal Tertiary - new ampersand sign.

Universal Tertiary Bold - new numbers update. 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.
I can't drag any latest deviations in any folder...
20. Fisher-Price Supplement 119
19. LouLou
18. Efour Digital
17. Efour Sans
16. Efour Headline
15. Sam I Am Serif
14. Universal Secondary Headline
13. Universal Teritary
12. Lucy Cousins
11. Dinosaurus Bold
10. Wiglet
9. Doug Funnie
8. Pagode
7. Culturo
6. Dusha
5. Matterhorn
4. Parr
3. Adobe Clean
2. Super Dee Dooper
1. ABC Modern

Fisher-Price Supplement 119 was used for classic instructions for Fisher-Price, and it was used to be featured in the Little People classics credits.

LouLou was used in the "play. laugh. grow" slogan for Fisher-Price.

Efour Digital was used for word bumps and something else for E4 in 2001.

Efour Sans was used for the details of the show from E4 in 2001.

Efour Headline was used to identify the title of the show that was coming from E4 in 2001.

Sam I Am Serif is similar to the text "Green Eggs and Ham" in the Dr. Seuss book and in every PDF. Sadly, there is no embedded version of the font that Dan can find.

Universal Secondary Headline is the font that is exactly used in the Universal logo in 1997. The actual font was made in 1996 by the company itself.

Universal Teritary is a corporate font for Universal Studios, Inc. Imagine if the new Universal site includes the corporate font that is embedded like in the Universal ScreenPlay App.

Lucy Cousins (also the name of the British artist) is the font used for Maisy Mouse incidia. And every PDF.

Dinosaurus is used for every Barney PDF and in the Colorful World Live text.

Wiglet is the font that was used for every Wiggles things, like in the PDFs, the classic games, and etc.

Doug Funnie is used for all Doug things. Like the title, the game instructions PDF, (luckily the font is embedded).

Pagode is the font that is used for the FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil design. Good thing the font is embedded in a PDF that has so many pages.

Culturo is the corporate font for the FIFA Women's World Cup 2015. The good thing is the OT font was embedded, but sad thing, Dan can't get it out with FontForge or other.

Dusha is the FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia font. Used for every PDF of that.

Matterhorn is the Disney font made in 2012. Used for the subscribe button for YouTube. Imagine if it was used in a PDF, but 629Lyric uploaded it with The Disney Collection.

Parr is a ToddWorld font embedded in the Todd Parr site.

Adobe Clean is the font used for all Adobe sites. Even the PDFs. Sadly, there's no Black version available in the public, but in the PDF.

Super Dee Dooper is the font in the Scrambled Eggs book by Dr. Seuss. I know the letters in the book are different, but International Type Founders did something similar to this.

ABC Modern is the font made by loyalkaspar. Used for every ABC thing.


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Dan P. Lyons / 538Lyons
Artist | Professional | Film & Animation
United States
Here at deviantART, Daniel Paul "Dan" Lyons, is a font designer for 5 years, and creates custom and logo fonts for everyone to download and enjoy. He has created his first two fonts since Christmas 2011 with High-Logic's FontCreator on Windows Vista.


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Minecraft-Logan1 Featured By Owner 11 hours ago  Student Filmographer
Do you even do requests anymore? -_- you haven't done my previous ones.
DLEDeviant Featured By Owner 10 hours ago  Professional Filmographer
Not in a couple weeks.
MickeyFan123 Featured By Owner 13 hours ago  Hobbyist Interface Designer
In the E4 Family idents, Master and Phlo dance when there's no people in the place. If there are, they interact with them. Cesey does the same in CS1's UK idents. The E4 Family idents are shot before the CS1 idents, both packages made by the same studio.
Minecraft-Logan1 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student Filmographer
Can you make me a sans serif font? Call it "Emmytoons". It should be bold and look a bit like din, but it's a little extended.
MickeyFan123 Featured By Owner Edited 1 day ago  Hobbyist Interface Designer
The E4 Family idents will be similar to the "E4 Band" idents except the E4 Band is replaced by Master and Phlo in costume identical to those in Disney Parks and E4 Family Resort and the E4 logo is replaced by the E4 Family logo. Master & Phlo won't have instruments. They just move around the place.
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